How we do it

How we do it can really be described in one word, "differently". When most folks are running away from disasters our buying team is running to get there. We purchase insurance claims in the millions of dollars from mom and pops that had a fire in the back room, to some of the largest retail conglomerates in the world with roof problems. No claim is too big or too small... let's talk. We don't just buy insurance losses, we will jump on just about any opportunity. When times get tough and economy's forcing businesses into bankruptcy, we are looking to buy and replenish their cash flow. When orders get cancelled and you are left holding the bag, we want to purchase the bag and let you get back to business. When you decide to close out an item that is when we want to buy it. If a mistake is made in the manufacturing of an item, we buy those mistakes.  If your buyer has overbought, we want to buy what he should have not and leave it to you to curb his "buying appetite". Just in time delivery has become one of our best sources because late freight is just in time for us.


We do it because we are good at it. We have found a niche. Not many folks can do what we do (nor do they want to do) at the level we do it. It is not as easy as we make it look, but it is always fun and exciting. And with all this fun and excitement we still manage to have a life too. With the company history of over 65 years driven by an entrepreneurial and opportunistic mentality, we have learned a few things along the way. We are able to shift gears at a moment’s notice. Phone calls are received, buyers board planes, deals are made, stores are shifted and re-vamped and all with a controlled professionalism at lightning quick speed. Our suppliers and customers have come to know and trust us. Good business breeds good business.

Protecting brands and labels of national companies and store chains keeps our suppliers at ease and they know when Newton Wall Company handles their deal they will not have to suffer from bad press or the goods returning to their stores. We are able to buy merchandise without the restrictions and hang-ups of other retail stores. Deviation from our logistical planning doesn't blow up our system, so when a good deal comes along we can buy it. We are driven by opportunity not by some report submitted by a demographic research analyst that has factored into the static inventory levels of any given season! No bar codes..... No problem!


We will go wherever the goods are. We are willing to send our trained logistic people into disaster areas, big cities like NYC (thank God for GPS) and even little rural communities in Montana (and again thanking the good Lord for GPS) to cut a deal. In our travels and in our experience we have seen just about everything. Don't be embarrassed by the condition of your inventory we are willing to take a look at it, just give us the opportunity. We buy goods from every state in Union including Alaska and Hawaii. Our main processing center is at our world headquarters in Shawnee Okla. which is within a few miles of the center of the country.

Within our 200,000 square feet of processing and warehousing centers we are able to “delabel” whatever is required to protect other stores names brands and labels. When required, we have the ability to retail the goods in rural areas that will not upset your normal market place. No One is better at protecting markets and brand names than Newton Wall Company.


We will purchase just about anything that can be sold at retail. Actually it is easier to say what we don't buy. We hate to limit our opportunities but for now... We don't buy perishables (fruit, vegetables, milk, etc.), we don't buy cars or small countries, and we don't buy anything you have to feed. (Goats, cats, emus and etc.)


You tell us. We are ready, 24/7, 365.